With over 200 projects completed in this area, we invite you to review our portfolio of some of our finished products.

"Winterview"  Located in Valle Crucis, NC supports a  Hybrid System  to keep perfect comfort when temperatures drop to the Teens or Below First Choice has New Construction neighborhoods all around the Charlotte Area. These complete systems range from 2.5 tons to 5 tons

Another Estate Home Heated and Cooled by First Choice. We are proud of our  Custom Duct Design . This offers the most efficient way to keep your system(s) running smoothly. Homarama "2006"  This estate home offers( 6 )" Carrier Infinity  systems, along with a superb  Media Filter  system. First Choice continues to maintain this estate home in our  ESA Program .

First Choice Specializes in Custom Duct Design to Maintain the Efficiency of your Homes Heating & Cooling.

Structures Of Integrity Custom Homes   Just completed in  "2009"  this home located in Monroe, NC also features the  "Hybrid System" , and sports the 4 Ton Carrier Infinity System. This home also features the  "Total Comfort Package"  which is part of our  "Going Green" Program. 

Click Below or Call 704-292-7834 to see how First Choice can help with your Home Improvement needs!

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